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Can I have finer grain control over the number of celery workers running per task? I'm running pyramid applications and using pceleryd for async.

from ini file:

CELERY_IMPORTS = ('learning.workers.matrix_task',

from learning.workers.matrix_task

from celery import Task
class BuildTrainingMatrixTask(Task):
class BuildTestMatrixTask(Task):

I want up to 6 BuildTestMatrixTask tasks running at a time. But I want only 1 BuiltTrainingMatrixTask running at a time. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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You can send tasks to separate queues according to its type, i.e. BuildTrainingMatrixTask to first queue (let it be named as 'training_matrix') and BuildTestMatrixTask to second one (test_matrix). See Routing Tasks for details. Then you should start a worker for each queue with desirable concurrency:

$ celery worker --queues 'test_matrix' --concurrency=6
$ celery worker --queues 'training_matrix' --concurrency=1
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