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On my website I have found that web fonts look really nasty on older versions of Internet Explorer, so I decided to use conditional commenting. Given that IE10+ no longer supports conditional comments I thought that the following might work:

<!--[if gt IE 8]> -->
<link blah... />
<!-- <![endif]-->

Whilst this comment is behaving properly in IE7 and IE8, it does not seem to be working properly in IE9 (under simulation mode in IE10). The text --> is shown at the very start of the page.

The following conditional comment doesn't exhibit this behaviour:

<!--[if !IE]> -->
<link blah... />
<!-- <![endif]-->

How can I reliably perform this conditional inclusion where !IE or IE > 8?

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Not quite sure how I missed this, but this question has already been asked before here on StackOverflow. I guess my initial search criteria wasn't good enough.

As per the following answer: IE Conditional operator: OR ... if is greater than ie9 or not IE

<!--[if gt IE 8]><!-->
<link blah... />
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Another way is to think the opposite and target if IE <= 8.


<link css all browsers />
<!--[if lte IE 8]> -->
<link css IE <= 8 />
<!-- <![endif]-->

Which means you target all browser with your first css and then add a second css to override settings which are for IE <= 8

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Would you please demonstrate how to use this to include my stylesheet for all non-IE browsers plus IE > 8? I cannot see how this works. thanks! –  Lea Hayes Feb 21 at 4:03
There is only the one CSS file (hosted by Google) for the WebFont so unfortunately this approach is not suitable for me. I would rather avoid the extra HTTP request for browsers which do not properly support the web fonts. After some more searching I seem to have found the answer. Thanks again for you help :) –  Lea Hayes Feb 21 at 4:13

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