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I have value like 2014/03/01, 2014/02/20, 2014/02/19, 2014/02/18, 2014/01/19 ...

And I wanna get sum(price) by month. For first month, second, third month, ...

Using rails 3 & postgresql.

I have tried @items = Item.where(:asin => @item.asin, :domain => @item.domain, :user_id => @item.user_id).order('created_at desc').group {created_at.beginning_of_month } didn't work.

I tried other stuff too, but it seems to be ignored, no group or group by in the log SELECT "items".* FROM "items" WHERE "items"."asin" = 'B00HI6ZLL2' AND "items"."domain" = 'co.jp' AND "items"."user_id" = 1 ORDER BY created_at desc

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if you give some code which you've already wrote, that might be helpful. Or how your model, controller look like? –  Emu Feb 21 at 4:20
Update :) I tried other stuff, but it seems to be ignored. I get in log SELECT "items".* FROM "items" WHERE "items"."asin" = 'B00HI6ZLL2' AND "items"."domain" = 'co.jp' AND "items"."user_id" = 1 ORDER BY created_at desc –  whitesiroi Feb 21 at 4:24
What i've learned from your question is that there is a price field in your item model, and you want to sum up the prices of each item which are created in the last three months. Am i correct? –  Emu Feb 21 at 4:28
I have data for 3 months now and I wanna get sum(price) for each month. In the future it'll be more than 3 months. –  whitesiroi Feb 21 at 4:31

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You can use this but it will only work on a database that supports the DATE_FUNC function such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. It won't work with SQLite.

@items = Item.select("DATE_TRUNC('month', created_at) AS month, sum(price) AS total_price_per_month").group('month')
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Looks like it did a trick :) Thank you. Sorry :) one more, if I wanna group by year too, will it be ok? @items = Item.select("DATE_TRUNC('month', created_at) AS month,DATE_TRUNC('year', created_at) AS year, sum(price) AS total_price_per_month").group('month, year') –  whitesiroi Feb 21 at 4:52
Yup :) Just tested it ;) It does work with year too :) Thank you mates for your help :) –  whitesiroi Feb 21 at 5:06
sum = Array.new(12,0)
Item.each do |item|
  sum[item.created_at.month-1] += item.price  

Try this to get the every months item price sum. To fetch the February moths sum you get this from sum[1]

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Thank you :) But I have to get sum(price) for each month :) & in the future it'll be more than 3 months, probably :) –  whitesiroi Feb 21 at 4:37
I think that's what you want. :) –  Emu Feb 21 at 4:53
Thank you mate :) –  whitesiroi Feb 21 at 4:59
You're Welcome. :) –  Emu Feb 21 at 5:00

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