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How do I stably sort an array? The value I want to sort by can have a lot of duplicates, and I'm not sure which sort algorithm ruby uses. I'm thinking insertion sort would have worked best for me.


a = [[:a, 0], [:b, 1], [:c, 0], [:d, 0]]
a.sort_by {|x,y| y}  # => [[:a, 0], [:d, 0], [:c, 0], [:b, 1]]

Looking for

[[:a, 0], [:c, 0], [:d, 0], [:b, 1]]
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examples input and output –  Arup Rakshit Feb 21 at 6:34

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Put the key that you originally wanted to sort by and the index into an array, and sort by that.

a.sort_by.with_index{|(x, y), i| [y, i]}
# => [[:a, 0], [:c, 0], [:d, 0], [:b, 1]]
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