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Android Studio 0.4.6


I am creating an App that will use the email client. However, having created a Nexus4 emulator targeting Jelly Bean 4.2.2. I see there is no email client. Is this normal behavior?

I have tried going through the settings, but cannot find any indication that there exists an Email client.

Just a followup question. If I wanted to install gmail email client, is that possible on an emulator? As there is no google play store App.

enter image description here

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Yes its Possible to install Any app On Emulator. But You need that Apk file..

First in your Emulator setting(settings > application Manager or Setting > Security) You need to enable. Allow Unknown Sources Then You can Install any .apk file.. like this

You will seed this option At Settings in Emulator

Then Can Download Play store Or You can Download Gmail From those Links at bottom you will have download option. download the .apk file

After Downloading You need to Push the file to Emulator .. and browse it and install or else follow this To install that application directly.. OR Refer this to install any apk file to Emulator.

This is the only process which works..

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That's normal. Stock android does not come with Gmail. It's a proprietary package that is not installed on emulators. You'll need to install an email app manually by uploading an apk via adb or test on a real device.

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