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I tried to close my application running in Windows CE 6.0 device. I tried below codes.

        System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("ShutDown", "/r");//to restart
        Process.Start("shutdown.exe", "-s");



        Process procs = Process.GetCurrentProcess();


All the above code was working while debugging and application was closed when it executes Application.Exit();. But when I compiled my code into autorun.exe(executable) and ran, screen freezes while executing the same line.

Please guide me on this issue.

  public Form1()
        int i = AddFontResource("\\Flash Disk\\Arial Unicode MS.TTF");
        int c = AddFontResource("\\Flash Disk\\Devanagari_new.TTF");
        int d = AddFontResource("\\Flash Disk\\Mangal.TTF");
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Could you show us how you instantiate your main form and any other forms that you may use. It might give us an insight on what's happening that's causing the hang. Also, could you tell us what .NET framework you're using with this? I can think of a couple of bugs and memory leak issues, but I would need more information. –  B.K. Feb 21 at 6:49
@Noobacode there is only one form i used to handle multiple screen activities. –  Rameshbabu Feb 21 at 6:52
Can you share the instantiation code of that form and tell me what .NET framework you're using? Are you setting Font by any chance? –  B.K. Feb 21 at 6:53
@Noobacode see my edited answer –  Rameshbabu Feb 21 at 6:54

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There is a known bug that causes hang if you set fonts with your setup. Comment out your font-setting code and see if it runs and shuts down properly. If it does, then it's the bug with the setting of the font. Make sure that your target system has the font, by the way... it could be one of the issues.

Get Debugger and use it to analyze what's causing the hang during the shut down. It's fairly straightforward to use. Or this Debugger. I don't know your full setup.

If you're not sure, this article will be a very good guide to get your started on debugging.

Also, wrap your code into __try{}__except{}, if you haven't done so already. There could be a memory leak, but we won't know until we see some information from one of those sources.

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wait... i will give a try... –  Rameshbabu Feb 21 at 6:58
no.. not working.. again screen freezes. –  Rameshbabu Feb 21 at 7:07
@user2865487 with all font-setting code commented out? –  B.K. Feb 21 at 7:09
all fonts commented out.. –  Rameshbabu Feb 21 at 7:10
@user2865487 Check my answer for some tips to figure this out. –  B.K. Feb 21 at 7:11

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