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I am new to racle forms and report generation, I have successfully created a report by using the following syntax

web.show_document('http://URL/reports/rwservlet?KEY1&report=reportpage.rdf&destype=cache&desformat=pdf&paramform=no&server=rsnic'||'&transid='|| FS_TEMP || '&user_parameter=' || 'User_data','_blank');

The issue is that when I generate the Report the above link comes in the Browser URL so if anyone changes the "User_data" the report gets changed.

Is there anyway I can hide the User Parameter and its value

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To secure the call to web.show_document you first need to make use of the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT.

The Oracle White Paper Integrating Oracle Reports in Oracle Forms Services applications states:

The most secure approach for calling Reports from Forms on theWeb is to use the Oracle Application Server 10g reports Services in combination with RUN_ REPORT_OBJECT. Because the user’s database connection is implicitly passed from Forms to Reports on the server, there is no risk of interception as if it were passed in a URL.

From page 10 this same document explains with an example on how to use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT.

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