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I am using SMS caster to send sms.It has an option to Import csv files...Now I want to dynamically create csv file of CellNo column of Person table from Visual Studio 2010 connected SQL Server 2008.So that I click on a button and it creates a csv file which I can then access from my software SMSCaster to send sms. The solutions available are either manual-based or if some query is provided it requires Microsoft OLEDB.....so is there any simple query to convert queryresult into .csv file?

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Try this :

Namespace : System.IO;

        var _lines = new List<string>();
        for(int _i=0;i<gridview1.rows.count;_i++)
            string[] _mobileNos = gridView1.rows[_i].cells[mobilecolumn index in gridview].text;
            var header = string.Join(",", _mobileNos);
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@Muhammad Suleman example : if your mobile no is in 3rd column.. use gridView1.rows[_i].cells[3].text –  tHiNk_OuT_oF_bOx Feb 21 at 9:47
One thing remaining..."gvCellNo.Rows[_i].Cells[0].Value"....gives an error, "cannot convert object type to string[]"....also "gvCellNo.Rows[_i].Cells[0].Text" too doesn't work. –  Muhammad Suleman Feb 21 at 10:44
@Muhammad Suleman Please post your code –  tHiNk_OuT_oF_bOx Feb 21 at 10:46
public void gridtoCSV() { var _lines = new List<string>(); for (int _i = 0; _i < gvCellNo.Rows.Count; _i++) { string[] _mobileNos = gvCellNo.Rows[_i].Cells[0].Value; var header = string.Join(",", _mobileNos); _lines.Add(header); } File.WriteAllLines("FileName.csv", _lines); } –  Muhammad Suleman Feb 21 at 10:49
@Mohammad Suleman .. string[] _mobileNos ; In for loop _mobileNos[_i]=gvCellNo.Rows[_i].Cells[0].Value –  tHiNk_OuT_oF_bOx Feb 21 at 10:52

Here is the solution that worked:

public void gridtoCSVFILE()

        string ing;
        List<string> lines = new List<string>();
        for (int i = 0; i < gvStudCellNo.Rows.Count; i++)
            ing = gvStudCellNo.Rows[i].Cells[0].Value.ToString();
            File.WriteAllLines("StudentsCellNo.csv", lines);

//it will create csv file in your bin folder...also it automatically replaces each new file with the old one

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