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I have a problem executing two parameterized questions in one batch using SqlCommand in ADO.NET. (I want to reduce round-trips and avoid pinging)

Since I don't want execution plan pollution I expect ADO.NET to transform my CommandText from "stmt1; stmt2" with all parameters belonging to stmt1 and stmt2 added to SqlCommand.Parameters


sp_executesql 'stmt1', 'paramdecl', param1values;
sp_executesql 'stmt2', 'paramdec2', param2values

But I can't find a way to make this happen.

Neither can I get the complete Text that is being sent to sql-server per SqlCommand so that I can combine two of them myself.

How do I do it?


Jens Nordenbro

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Do you expect any return values/result sets from the sql statements? Are the parameters for each statement different?

You can use SQL Profiler to monitor the SQL statments hitting the database.

You can use a single SQLConnection object and submit multiple commands before closing the connection. you will either have to dispose of the sqlCommand or clear it before re-using it again for your next query.


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stmt1 returns nothing. stmt2 returns something. paramdecl != paramdec2, both in type and value. multiple commands results in the pinging I'm trying to avoid. –  Jens Nordenbro Feb 16 '10 at 12:19
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