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I have used a tkinter autocomplete widget. I got code from here:


Now I have two problems. One is that when user clicks on clear button, this autocomplete widget should reset to "".

So I added an extra resetauto function within the code given above like this:

def resetauto():

And in my clear button function, I used this reset like this:

W2.resetauto(); # W2 is the name of the autocomplete entry widget

But when I ran the program again and tried to reset it, I got error:

TypeError: resetauto() takes no arguments (1 given)

Can anyone tell me what went wrong?

Also I have another problem. For this autocomplete widget, I have a dataset of 4000 words. And all these words start "rs" for example, rs123, rs485459, etc. So if user starts typing rs, it will display 4000 words. Instead of that, I want this autocomplete widget to start matching from the 3rd character of the input. Is it possible? can you explain in brief what will i have to change looking at the code of this widget from the link. thanks...

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what's resetauto() here?where is it getting called? –  shaktimaan Feb 21 at 8:07
oh i forgot the function name is reset auto wait i will edit the question –  Neha Verma Feb 21 at 8:09
should be def resetauto(self):. –  BartoszKP Feb 21 at 8:15
@BartoszKP: Hey thanks it worked. –  Neha Verma Feb 21 at 8:22

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Because you have a class named AutocompleteEntry and you are defining resetauto inside the class, you must define it as a standard class method with self as the first parameter. For example:

def resetauto(self):

As for being able to match only after three characters have been entered, it looks like all you need to do is modify comparison, since that is what is returning the list. Perhaps this would do the trick -- it only returns a list of the pattern if you've entered at least three characters:

def comparison(self):
    if len(self.var.get()) < 3:
        return []
    pattern = re.compile('.*' + self.var.get() + '.*')
    return [w for w in self.lista if re.match(pattern, w)]
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Thank you very much. It worked great –  Neha Verma Feb 27 at 4:43

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