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I have the following code, if i don't put the printf(" "); segment is violated, else it works fine

void dispersion(float ***plancha_ptr, float ***copiaPlancha_ptr) {
    float **plancha = *plancha_ptr;
    float **copiaPlancha = *copiaPlancha_ptr;     

    //Calculo del borde absorbente(superior) y reflectante (inferior)
    for(int i = 0; i <= SIZE_Y+1; i++) {
        plancha[0][i] = 25;
        plancha[SIZE_X+1][i] = plancha[SIZE_X][i];  

    //Calculo de los bordes reflectantes (laterales)
    for(int i = 0; i <= SIZE_X+1; i++){
        plancha[i][0] = plancha[i][1];
        plancha[i][SIZE_Y+1] = plancha[i][SIZE_Y];      
    //Calculo de la dispersion
    for(int j = 1; j < SIZE_X+1; j++)
        for(int k = 1; k < SIZE_Y+1; k++)
            copiaPlancha[j][k] = (plancha[j-1][k-1] + 
                                  plancha[j-1][k] +
                                  plancha[j-1][k+1] + 
                                  plancha[j][k-1] +
                                  plancha[j][k] + 
                                  plancha[j][k+1] +
                                  plancha[j+1][k-1] + 
                                  plancha[j+1][k] +
                                  plancha[j+1][k+1]) / 9;

    copiaPlancha[X_ORIGIN][Y_ORIGIN] = TEMP;

    float **p;
    **p = ***plancha_ptr;
    *plancha_ptr = *copiaPlancha_ptr;
    //No Tocar, hay que imprimir por pantalla o no funciona
    // printf(" ");
    //***copiaPlancha_ptr = **p;

It doesn't work, but if I un-comment the printf it works fine. I need help.


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I suppose this code needs some serious refactoring. –  Michael Walz Feb 21 at 8:34
Wow, three-star code, that's been a while. –  Mr Lister Feb 21 at 8:39
Its for using openmp and paralelyze, doesn't matter how readable it is –  Pablo Arnau González Feb 21 at 8:46

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Try changing these lines

float **p;
**p = ***plancha_ptr;


float **p;
p = *plancha_ptr;

You should init p before you can de-reference it as **p.

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Thanks!! It works fine, but i do not understand why –  Pablo Arnau González Feb 21 at 8:38
Let me answer your question with question: what's the value of p during assignment? Is it safe to (doubly) dereference it at that time? –  moshbear Feb 21 at 9:20
Its only for swaping plancha and copia plancha. yep, its safe ;), i hope so –  Pablo Arnau González Feb 21 at 9:37
@PabloArnauGonzález How do you figure *(random_value) is safe? –  Zan Lynx Feb 21 at 9:43
**p points nowhere, so where you do p = *plancha_ptr it points where *plancha is pointing –  Pablo Arnau González Feb 28 at 9:21

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