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I am able to display the contents of my incoming XML file using smooks in the freemarker template, but I want to add Current Date & time of my local system to identify the execution of my program.

<ftl:freemarker applyOnElement="CreditCard">
    <ftl:template><!--        <BalanceInquiryRequest>
Here I want to display the current Date & time 

Can you tell me how can I add current date & time in the XML without having an entry in the incoming XML.

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use .now, they introduced it some time ago, no need for java

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There seems to be an answer here. The short answer, you need to pass in Java.

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It isn't so anymore... 2.3.17 has introduced the special variable .now. –  ddekany Aug 17 '11 at 14:08

You cannot do it since XML like Freemarker are template engines, not objects. You have to pass it into the java object as new Date();

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You could write a short groovy script in the Smooks configuration file to populate a bean in the beancontext with today's date. Then the freemarker script could use the value from that bean.

Edit: You can read more about Groovy and Smooks here: http://www.smooks.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=V1.3:Smooks_v1.3_User_Guide#Groovy_Scripting

You probably want to use methods from http://www.milyn.org/javadoc/v1.2/smooks-cartridges/javabean/org/milyn/javabean/repository/BeanRepository.html and do something similar to:

  <g:groovy executeOnElement="xxx">
    addBean("date", new Date());

You should then be able to access the "date" bean in your freemarker.

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