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I am using mqtt for android push notifications. For this my MQTTservice has to be always running. If the user stops the service from settings, i need to restart the service.

My service is kept START_STICKY but when stopping the service from settings, the service is not restarted.

Can i use START_REDELIVER_INTENT for this purpose? If so, how to use it?

I have subscribed my client with mqtt broker. when service is stopped, i tried to start the service from onDestroy method which creates a new service. Hence my old subscription remains unsubscribed. And a new subscription is made. In that case, how can i unsubscribe the old client? Is my approach correct?

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Assuming you are using the same client id each time you connect to the broker, then the old connection should be disconnected when the new one starts. –  hardillb Feb 21 at 9:31
How can i set the same client id when service is restarted? –  Reva Feb 21 at 10:40
What is mqttclient.LOCAL_ID and mqttclient.TCP_ID ? Thanks –  Reva Feb 21 at 10:46

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