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I have a big project, that uses CakePHP. Now I would like to create a documentation for other new co-workers.

An idea was to use the existing PHPdoc comments and other comments inside the code to create an automatic documentation for a start.

  1. How can I manage such a big project and How would I create a browsable HTML-Documentation?

  2. How can I automatically add missing comments?
    (I use Eclipse for coding, but if it is easier in another editor I wouldn't mind.)
    There are many functions declared like this:

    # some explanation not in phpDoc
    function whatever() {

It would be optimal if I could use an external Editor to edit only the phpdoc comments and they were automatically inserted in the sourcecode at the right positions.

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Are you specifically looking for an alternative to phpDocumentor []? – ashnazg Feb 25 '14 at 19:01
The PHP_Beautifier tool mentioned here sounds like it could do what I want, but that would be a lot of programming itself. I am looking for something that is already finished – rubo77 Feb 25 '14 at 19:14

I am not sure how much this will fulfill your requirement.

But the NetBeans IDE will help you on documentation.

For documentation guide, you can refer the below site:

Here is a guide for documentation

Please suggest if you can find better.

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You can use ApiGenerator plugin. It's a Cake plugin that uses the same syntax as PhpDocumentor, and for generate the document you just have to run a shell command.

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