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PRAGMA application_id = <integer>;

does not fail, it seems it doesn't do a thing as

PRAGMA application_id;

always returns an empty set.

I tried over python (sqlite3 and APSW) and command line sqlite3(1)

note: I run debian's 3.7.13 version of sqlite

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The application_id was introduced in SQLite 3.7.17.

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PRAGMA application_id; PRAGMA application_id = integer ; The application_id PRAGMA is used to query or set the 32-bit unsigned big-endian "Application ID" integer located at offset 68 into the database header. Applications that use SQLite as their application file-format should set the Application ID integer to a unique integer so that utilities such as file(1) can determine the specific file type rather than just reporting "SQLite3 Database". A list of assigned application IDs can be seen by consulting the magic.txt file in the SQLite source repository.

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