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I installed MediaWiki and I noticed that the search results are not being formatted, This means, if I have an article which contains the following text:

'''This is a test'''

This will show up in bold when you are viewing the actual article but when you search for example: test, the search results will be displayed without the formatting and will be displayed with the full code, which means that in the search results, this is what is shown:

Article Name
      '''This is a test'''

I obviously want it to look like this:

Article Name
      This is a test

I didn't modify any of the code in MediaWiki yet. How can I achieve this?


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I think that's by design. If the text was formatted you may not be able to clearly see what a particular search result was found. – John Weldon Feb 3 '10 at 16:02
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Which version of MediaWiki are you using?

You may need to install the MWSearch extension to get the results without the formatting.

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As of now MWSearch has been replaced by Cirrus:

While SphinxSearch is more recommended for smaller sites (compared to Wikipedia):

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