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I have some binary data (twos complement) coming from an accelerometer and I need to convert it to an integer. Is there a standard library function which does this, or do I need to write my own code?

For example: I receive an NSData object from the acclerometer, which when converted to hex looks like this:


Which is a concatenation of 3 blocks of 2-byte data:

x = C008
y = 8001
z = 803F

Focussing on the x-axis only:

hex = C008
decimal = 49160
binary = 1100000000001000
twos complement = -16376

Is there a standard function for converting from C008 in twos complement directly to -16376?

Thank you.

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Use NSData to convert binary data into any other... –  Mani Feb 21 at 10:33
Can you show the type of the binary data? It is an instance of NSData? It is a int[]? It is only one integer or more than one? –  Amin Negm-Awad Feb 21 at 10:46
@AminNegm-Awad Done. –  theDuncs Feb 21 at 10:53
So you get it as a string or 2s complent? Please simply dump your instance of NSData and add it to the Q. It is hard to answer your questions without assumptions without that. –  Amin Negm-Awad Feb 21 at 10:56
@AminNegm-Awad I don't have the NSData to dump out to you, but when I convert it to hex it looks like the above. I'm not sure why its important what the dump of the NSData looks like - the question is how I can convert a hex value of C008 to -16376. Or am I missing something? –  theDuncs Feb 21 at 11:54

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Something like:

const int8_t* bytes = (const int8_t*) [nsDataObject bytes];

int32_t x = (bytes[0] << 8) + (0x0FF & bytes[1]);
x = x << 16;
x = x >> 16;

int32_t y = (bytes[2] << 8) + (0x0FF & bytes[3]);
y = y << 16;
y = y >> 16;

int32_t z = (bytes[4] << 8) + (0x0FF & bytes[5]);
z = z << 16;
z = z >> 16;

This assumes that the values really are "big-endian" as suggested in the question.

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Hey HotLicks! You da man! Thank you! –  theDuncs Feb 22 at 13:29

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