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My python program generates a collection of binary files. I create pgm (portable bitmap files) using this binary data. I would like to create a video using each of the pgm files as a frame in my video.

I have had a look an mencoder but I dont think it supports pgm files

Can anyone offer any advice.

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If "PGM" is identical with "Portable GrayMap Files", cross-browser command line video processing tool ffmpeg can decode them: List of FFMPeg Codecs on Wikipedia

Check out the FFMPEG FAQ: 3.2 How do I encode single pictures into movies?

On how to use FFMpeg with Python, check this SO question. There is a wrapper for Python, but I can't find any statements on how good it is.

If in doubt, just call it from the command line.

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Thanks Pekka, just the info I was needing –  mikip Feb 4 '10 at 9:28

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