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The goal of my bachelor thesis is to implement Ad-Hoc routing protocol (AODV) in Android. The library with the appropriate logic (in Java) has been already implemented by students of Technical University in Denmark. My problem is that I need to change the wifi driver of my Sony Xperia P to work in ad-hoc mode instead of working in standard, "access point" mode. Somebody at XDA forum told me to patch cw1200 driver. The library was tested on these devices> HTC Hero and Google Nexus One.

This driver should be patched using C/C++ language and JNI. Here's the code, how this works for HTC and Nexus.

int startwifi(const int* phoneType, const char *ip[]) {

int res = stopwifi(phoneType);

char cmd[60];

switch (*phoneType) {
case 0: //NEXSUS

    system("insmod /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko");        
    snprintf(cmd, sizeof cmd, "ifconfig eth0 %s netmask", ip);
    printf("\ncmd: %s\n", cmd);
    system("ifconfig eth0 up");
    system("iwconfig eth0 mode ad-hoc");
    system("iwconfig eth0 essid nexusbac");
    system("iwconfig eth0 channel 6");
    system("iwconfig eth0 commit");

case 1: //HERO
    system("insmod /system/lib/modules/wlan.ko");
    system("wlan_loader -f /system/etc/wifi/Fw1251r1c.bin -e /proc/calibration -i /data/local/bin/tiwlan.ini");
    snprintf(cmd, sizeof cmd, "ifconfig tiwlan0 %s netmask", ip);
    system("ifconfig tiwlan0  up");

case 2: //Sony Xperia P

    return -1;
return 0;

I have any experience of changing drivers in linux kernel. I would be grateful if you could provide me some code how to patch this or maybe another wifi driver file or at least explain, what those system commands mean

Thank you very much

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