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I have a database table in which along with the data, provider_id is also unique. Now I have a set of data in which I got provider_id not the row id. So is it possible to edit the row using this provider_id ?

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If you don't want to use the primary key, then seems that updateAll() is your friend


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Try this:

Let the model be "Contact".

     array( 'Contact.any field' => 'value' ),   //fields to update ex. Contact.name
     array( 'Contact.provider_id' => $id )  //condition $id is the provider_id


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Get the row you want to edit by doing something like:

$row = $this->ModelName->findByProviderId($data['provider_id']);

Now modify $row however you like:

$row['some_field'] = 'someValue';

Then you can use Model::save() like:


As long as $row will have the primaryKey field of your model, which is generally id, Model::save() will perform an update.

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