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I'm looking to find a common interface/base for all controls that implement a CausesValidation property.

I know that the IButtonControl, can be used for buttons, but other input controls - DropDownLists, TextBoxes etc need to be catered for too.

Does a common interface exist or is there an additional interface other than IButtonControl or do I have to resort to naming every control type?

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have a look at this class


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That's a method actually –  AymenDaoudi Feb 21 at 11:42
he can use this work around put all his controls in container and then validate them. I think it will work. –  Aftab Ahmed Feb 21 at 11:43
@AftabAhmed - Except I'm not looking to validate them, just configure them –  dotnetnoob Feb 21 at 12:15

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