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Sorry for my bad English.

My workflow:

  1. I write simple program for gnu asm (GAS) test_c.s:

        .intel_syntax noprefix
        .globl my_string
        .ascii "Hello, world!\0"    
        .globl main
        push rbp
        mov rbp, rsp
        sub rsp, 32
        lea rcx, my_string
        call printf
        add rsp, 32
        pop rbp
  2. Compile asm-source with debug symbols:

    gcc -g test_c.s
  3. Debug a.exe in GDB:

    gdb a -q
    Reading symbols from C:\a.exe...done.
    (gdb) start
    Temporary breakpoint 1 at 0x4014e4: file test_c.s, line 14.
    Starting program: C:\a.exe
    [New Thread 3948.0x45e4]
    Temporary breakpoint 1, main () at test_c.s:14
    14              sub     rsp, 32
    (gdb) whatis my_string
    type = <data variable, no debug info>  <-------------------- why?
    (gdb) info variables
    All defined variables:
    Non-debugging symbols:
    0x0000000000403000  __data_start__
    0x0000000000403000  __mingw_winmain_nShowCmd
    0x0000000000403010  my_string  <-------------------- why?

    Why 'my_string' is 'no debug info'-variable? How can I recognize, that 'my_string' is user defined variable? Some gcc-flags or gas-directives?

P.S.: The file test_c.s listed above is generated by gcc from simple c application test_c.c:


    char my_string[] = "Hello, world!";

    int main(void)

    gcc test_c.c -S -masm=intel

I try to debug this C-application and get expected result:

    gcc -g test_c.c
    gdb a -q
    Reading symbols from C:\a.exe...done.
    (gdb) start
    Temporary breakpoint 1 at 0x4014ed: file test_c.c, line 7.
    Starting program: C:\a.exe
    [New Thread 11616.0x1688]

    Temporary breakpoint 1, main () at test_c.c:7
    7           printf(my_string);
    (gdb) whatis my_string
    type = char [18] <-------------------- OK
    (gdb) info variables
    File test_c.c:
    char my_string[18]; <-------------------- OK

The problem is that I need for debug information related to the GAS-source, not C

P.S.S.: MinGW-builds x64 v.4.8.1

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The reason is simple: you should have generated the asm file from the c file with debugging enabled, that is gcc test_c.c -S -masm=intel -g, to have the compiler emit the required information. If you do that, you will notice a section named .debug_info in your asm source, which, unfortunately, isn't user friendly.

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Is there a workaround? Can I add some minimal debug-information about the type of the my_string for GDB? –  Dem0n13 Feb 21 '14 at 13:32
Of course you can add the same kind of debug info that the compiler does, but it's tedious and you have to know the format (which is dwarf2 in this case I think). –  Jester Feb 21 '14 at 13:40

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