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I create a Berkeley database, and operate with it using bsddb module. And I need to store there information in a style, like this:

username = '....'
notes = {'name_of_note1':{
                           #keys same as previous, but another values

This is how I open database

db = bsddb.btopen['data.db','c']

How do I do that ?

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So, first, I guess you should open your database using parentheses:

db = bsddb.btopen('data.db','c')

Keep in mind that Berkeley's pattern is key -> value, where both key and value are string objects (not unicode). The best way in your case would be to use:

db[str(username)] = json.dumps(notes)

since your notes are compatible with the json syntax.

However, this is not a very good choice, say, if you want to query only usernames' comments. You should use a relational database, such as sqlite, which is also built-in in Python.

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