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How can I properly link the static library into the Netbeans project?

I am trying to build my app on the FreeBSD - I got the .a and the .h files of my library (the library is the devil graphic library btw.)

I have added the include directory for the library in the:

File => Project Properties => Build => C++ Compiler => General => Include Directories

then, under the File => Project Properties => Build => Linkers => Libraries added my library as a file: ../../../source/devil/libIL.a

However, when I am compiling it I get the following error:

No rule to make target ../../../source/devil/libIL.a

(I have also tried to add the -static flag at the begging of the library path in the linkers libraries.

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Did you try to add a extra lib dir (not only the lib itself) to find libraries @ Properties->Build->Linker? Other shot, try to add -lIL at Linker addional options field. –  wesley.mesquita Feb 21 at 12:59
Yes, I have tried adding the library directory path as well. Regarding the -lIL option at the Linker's additional options I get the following error then: /usr/local/bin/ld: cannot find -lIL. –  Lucas Feb 21 at 13:43
Sorry, I should mean both options, so -lLD should look exact for libIL.a following the lib directories. –  wesley.mesquita Feb 21 at 14:18
@wesley.mesquita You mean adding the library path + the library file to the linker? I have already tried that, if I will include the library file (libIL.a) in the linker I get No rule to make target otherwise I get /usr/local/bin/ld: cannot find -lIL –  Lucas Feb 21 at 15:04
I meant add the PATH to find the lib + option -lIL. –  wesley.mesquita Feb 24 at 11:35

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