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I have 3 arrays:

sX: sensor x position (double array)

sY: sensor y position (double array)

sR: sensor radiation measurement (double array)

Using this data I want to make a 2D plot in python where the x axis is the x coordinate, the y axis is the y coordinate and the colour of the plot is the sensor value. Since this whould create little colour point, i'd prefer to create something like a carpet plot.

The problem with what I've tryed is that sX and sY have to be column and row indices of the matrix sR(sX, sY).

I understand that the group sX, sY, sR is like a sparse matrix except for the fact that sX and sY are not indices, but real world coordinates.

other solutions like: Python: 3D scatter losing colormap, assume continous Z(X,Y) functions, but what I have is a discontinious function.

Any help on how to proceed is appreciated.

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you can try using scatter , or you can grid you data with a 2D histogram then plot it with imshow.

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