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I have an enclosing widget which works fine in post/page but when in a text widget it's not passing the content between the shortcode tags.

The shortcode looks like:


and the code is:

add_shortcode('wpbutton', array($this, 'shortcode'));
add_filter('widget_text', array($this, 'shortcode'));

function shortcode($args, $content = null) {

        'action' => '',
        'classes' => 'wpbutton',
    ), $args));

    echo wpbutton($action, $content, $classes);

    // Added for testing - echos in sidebar!
    if (!$content) {
        echo 'no content';


function wpbutton($action, $content, $classes) {
    // Do stuff

In post/page content it echos whatever is between the tags but in a text widget it echos "no content"

Anyone know how to fix?

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I think you should change your filter function to this:

add_filter('widget_text', array($this, 'do_shortcode'));

instead of

add_filter('widget_text', array($this, 'shortcode'));

It passes the content of the text widget to the do_shortcode() function of Wordpress, instead of your function. The Wordpress function will handle the shortcodes by itself and call your shortcode function automatically.

As seen here and here.

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Pretty much. The array($this, 'function') format is used when inside an object (I took the code out of OO content for this question) so answer is to use add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');. Thanks! –  Rich Jenks Feb 21 '14 at 14:17

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