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I am using Embarcaredo's C++ Builder XE3.

Is there any information in the exe file, preferably a string that I can search for, that shows whether the file was generated in Debug mode or Release mode?

Also, is there any way I can detect Debug mode when I compile. In other words, is there a way I can do something like this, where the IDE is defining DEBUG_MODE for me automatically.

#if defined ( DEBUG_MODE )
// some extra code
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If not, it should be easy to add a variable whose contents differs depending on build-mode. –  Joachim Pileborg Feb 21 at 14:11
As for your second question, can you please elaborate? What's wrong with that piece of code? It should do what you want (detect debug mode when building). –  Joachim Pileborg Feb 21 at 14:13
I am hoping there is something the IDE does automatically that I can detect, as opposed to me defining DEBUG_MODE –  user5108_Dan Feb 21 at 14:28

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At compile time the predefined macro are:

  • in debug mode: _DEBUG
  • in release mode: NDEBUG

At runtime you could use something like this (code may need some adjustments...):

bool debugBuild()
  bool dbg(false);

  // ParamStr(0) holds the complete path to the application
  char *thisFile(AnsiString(ParamStr(0)).c_str());

  // How big the VersionInfo buffer needs to be    
  DWORD unused;
  DWORD verSize = GetFileVersionInfoSize(thisFile, &unused);

    TCHAR *verInfoBuffer = new TCHAR[verSize + 1];

    // Get the sort-of handle we'll use in further VerQueryValue call
    GetFileVersionInfo(thisFile, 0, verSize, verInfoBuffer);

    // Special case. If you pass in \, you get this useful
    // structure passed back.
    unsigned len;
    VerQueryValue(verInfoBuffer, "\\", &(void*)ffi, &len);

    dbg = ffi->dwFileFlags & VS_FF_DEBUG;
    delete [] p;

  return dbg;
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Thank you, I have trouble finding simple things like this in their help files. –  user5108_Dan Feb 21 at 14:53
AFAIK, VS_FF_DEBUG is not set automatically. You have to enable it manually in the version info of the Project Options. There is a checkbox for it (amongst other flags). You can use Build Configurations to enable the flag for Debug builds and not for Release builds. –  Remy Lebeau Feb 21 at 16:32

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