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I am having a bit of trouble with neo4j unique constraints, where a CREATE cypher statement is failing to execute due to the node already existing. Problem is, it doesn't (exist). Also, this exact process with this exact data worked yesterday.

My neo4j version is community 2.0.0 (release) on ubuntu 12.04.3. This is my current situation:

My constraints:

tas@vtas:~$ neo4j-shell
neo4j-sh (?)$ schema
  ON :ConsumerUser(tokens) ONLINE
  ON :Id(uuid)             ONLINE (for uniqueness constraint) #relevant
  ON :User(email)          ONLINE (for uniqueness constraint)
  ON :User(username)       ONLINE (for uniqueness constraint) 

  ON (user:User) ASSERT user.email IS UNIQUE
  ON (user:User) ASSERT user.username IS UNIQUE
  ON (id:Id) ASSERT id.uuid IS UNIQUE                         #relevant

:Id.uuid should be unique.

I don't have any data:

neo4j-sh (?)$ dump
create index on :`ConsumerUser`(`tokens`);
create index on :`Id`(`uuid`);
create index on :`User`(`email`);
create index on :`User`(`username`);

(also verified with cypher MATCH (n) return n;)

The problem query:

neo4j-sh (?)$ cypher 2.0 CREATE (i:Id{uuid:2});
CypherExecutionException: Node 82 already exists with label Id and property "uuid"=[2]

Things I have tried

  • tail -f /var/lib/neo4j/data/log/*.log /var/lib/neo4j/data/graph.db/*.log /var/log/neo4j/*.log for errors: nothing logged at all
  • Restarting neo4j (service neo4j-service restart)
  • The above tail while restarting (only remotely interesting line: [main] INFO org.neo4j.kernel.AutoConfigurator - WARNING! Physical memory(1017MB) is less than assigned JVM memory(4185MB). Continuing but with available JVM memory set to available physical memory)
  • deleting the indexes (/var/lib/neo4j/data/graph.db/index/ and /var/lib/neo4j/data/graph.db/index.db) and restarting
  • restoring the above, restarting
  • Search SO
  • Search neo4j's github issues

Nothing has helped so far.

Things I will not try

  • Solution here: neo4j constraint deleted node because: dropping the constraint in production isn't an option. Also, that was a few versions ago and different use case:
    1. constraint on String[] instead of Int
    2. something was logged
  • upgrade to 2.0.1 in a fingers-crossed-this-may-fix-it fashion without knowing that this has been addressed explicitly (i need to know why this is happening)

Additional Information

  • I have ulimit -n and ulimit -Hn set to 40K

  • neo4j-sh (?)$ dbinfo -g Kernel

      "KernelStartTime": "Fri Feb 21 13:53:57 GMT 2014",
      "KernelVersion": "Neo4j - Graph Database Kernel (neo4j-kernel), version: 2.0.0",
      "MBeanQuery": "org.neo4j:instance=kernel#0,name=*",
      "ReadOnly": false,
      "StoreCreationDate": "Fri Feb 14 18:43:27 GMT 2014",
      "StoreDirectory": "/var/lib/neo4j/data/graph.db",
      "StoreId": "a3351846c194229c",
      "StoreLogVersion": 21
  • I've seen this: https://github.com/neo4j/neo4j/issues/1069 but it seems resolved.

  • This is on a VirtualBox VM on a MacOSX 10.6 host

I'm at a loss, time for my first SO question.

The easy answer is "just wipe everything and start again" (or just re-do the constraint), but that isn't really acceptable (what if this happens in production?).

Any ideas?

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can you try with Cypher MERGE command? basically it will avoid you that exception because MERGE will either create or just return an existing node pattern –  Sumeet Sharma Feb 21 at 18:24
neo4j-sh (?)$ MERGE (i:Id{uuid:2}); EntityNotFoundException: Node with id 82 –  Tasos Bitsios Feb 21 at 19:39
strange! seems your db has become corrupt. WHat does these command return can you tell start n = node(82) return n –  Sumeet Sharma Feb 21 at 19:43
Same. neo4j-sh (?)$ start n = node(82) return n; EntityNotFoundException: Node with id 82 –  Tasos Bitsios Feb 21 at 19:51
Any idea how that could have happened? Should it have healed itself during startup (/restart), or is there a separate tool for this, that I failed to find with Google? (I don't mind about this particular dev instance, just worried about this happening in production) –  Tasos Bitsios Feb 21 at 19:57

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