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While working on my Windows Phone i came across a problem with updating my live-tiles: in order to update them more than once every hour i need to send a push notification. Can someone with experience tell me wether the following is possible:

Wether the App itself is running or not, once every half hour my server will send a push notification to all phones with the app installed. Then the following is supposed to happen:

  • Download a background image for the normal livetile's back background
  • Download a different image for the double sized livetile back background
  • Generate a new background for the front of the normal sized livetile using UI-Elements
  • Generate a new background for the front of the double sized livetile using UI-Elements

as far as i understand i can run pretty much whatever code i want when receiving the push notification or are there any restrictions i might have missed?

thx for your time and greetings from germany,


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If 30 Minutes +/- 10 Minutes are good enough for you, you could use a scheduled background agent. There you can set/download a new tile image every 30 minutes, as long as you update your tile it will also not have to be re-registered every two weeks.

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