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With Quartz 2D we can transform our views on the x, yand z axis.

In some cases we could even make them look 3D by changing the values of the matrixes.

I was wondering if it could be possible to transform a view into a cylinder shape like in the following picture?

enter image description here

Please ignore the top part of the cylinder. I am more curious to know whether it would be possible warping an UIView around like the side of the cylinder as in the image.

Is that possible only making use of Quartz 2D, layers and transformations (not OpenGL)? If not, is it possible to at least draw it in CGContext to make a view appear like so?

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No you can't bend a view using a transform.

The transform can only manipulate the four corners of the view so no matter what you do it will still be a plane.

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Thanks for response. But is it still possible to achieve the effect when transform is out of the question? I thought about CAShapeLayer but I don't think it would fit here, because it would just "cover" the view with its path providing no texture. Manipulating pixels? You definitely know more about animation than I do, if I know there is a very slight possibility to make it work, I would still try it even if it is very hard. But I can't think of anything... Would you happen to know how to draw a view of uniform color like so in CGContext, btw? Thanks. –  Unheilig Feb 21 at 16:34
As far as I know. Doing that kind of transform in Core Graphics is more or less as complicated as drawing a cylinder using OpenGL. –  David Rönnqvist Feb 21 at 16:56
I never used OpenGL, honestly, so it is not that I thought Core Graphics would be an easier way. Could you give me some pointers /directions how I might be able do that in Core Graphics? With which method? Any suggestions or even a small sample (just to get myself started as first step) would be appreciated. –  Unheilig Feb 21 at 17:17

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