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Greetings. I have a need to have a 'child' modal opended from a colorbox modal. Form -> anchor -> opens modal ('parent') -> model has another anchor -> open modal 'child'

The problem is that when the 'child' modal closes via the


Method this seems to close all the colorbox modal windows. I just need to close the 'child' (the second opened from the first modal), after I set a hidden on the 'parent' modal.

Any suggestions on how to close just the second colorbox window?

Using jQuery 1.3.2 and Colorbox 1.3.5

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You might want the first colorbox instance to load an iframe. In this iframe you can load another colorbox.

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What I wound up doing was making the calling colorbox larger and then having the 'child' colorbox launch inside the parent colorbox; hiding the parents "Close" buttons. Then when the 'child' box is closed re-show the parents buttons.

Yes its ugly, but it works.

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