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I am facing an issue with a certificate keystore / mutual authentication on SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) / SOAPUI context.

I would like to configure the mutual authentication on my client (SUP/SOAPUI) to secure the connection with 2 servers (production and integration environments).

Both configurations of the keystore (CA & CA-signed certificate importation and use) works independently.

When I set the configuration of the server 1 (CA & CA-signed testing cert) on keystore1 of the client, the configuration works fine on both SUP & SOAPUI.

The same thing for the configuration of the server2 (CA & CA-signed production cert) on keystore2 of the same client, the configuration works fine on both SUP & SOAPUI.

But when I merge the keystore1 & keystore2 into the same keystore, only one works fine (i.e : the first keystore on import order that works, not the second one).

I’ve been struggling for days now with this issue, is it a know issue ? Am I missing something there?

FYI : the keystore1 and keystore2 have :

  • Different private key
  • Different CA root certificate
  • Different public response key
  • Different alias on the final keystore
  • Different CA-signed certificate
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Which SUP version? –  jhamu Apr 3 at 16:26

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