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Ok so I have this code:

//adding the panel which will hold the order table
JPanel orderPanel = new JPanel();
JTable order = new JTable(orderData, orderColumnNames);
JScrollPane orderPane = new JScrollPane(order);

And I want to be able to remove this space :

The description of what I want to remove

I guess the space is made by the JScrollPane but i can't find any method to resize the JScrollPane to the JTable's size

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have you tried this stackoverflow.com/questions/13213645/… and this stackoverflow.com/questions/6234530/… ? –  nikis Feb 21 at 18:26
ty nikis i wanted to do it without setprefferedsize but apparently i need to use it –  user3319763 Feb 21 at 18:35

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For the reasons adduced here, don't of override setPreferredSize(). Instead, override getPreferredScrollableViewportSize() to return the desired size.

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