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How would I get the current font of an NSTextView?

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An NSTextView is a kind of NSText. So, send it a font message.

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Peter's answer is correct but is not the whole story. Calling -font on the NSTextView will return the font of the first character in the text view's string, or if the text view is empty it will return the font at the insertion point.

However, if the text view is configured to accept rich text, the text view can have several different fonts.

In that case, you would need to obtain the font from a specific location in the text view's NSTextStorage object, which is a subclass of NSAttributedString. You obtain the NSTextStorage object by calling -textStorage on the text view.

You can get the font at a particular location in the NSTextStorage object by using the -attribute:atIndex:effectiveRange: method of NSAttributedString and passing in NSFontAttributeName for the attribute parameter.

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That's a good answer but my text view is only going to have one font through out so Peter's answer is what I need. Thanks. –  Joshua Feb 4 '10 at 6:51
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