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Building on Passing conditioning variables to xyplot in a function in lattice, I would like to know how to pass "groups" with a function call. Using formula() does not seem to work, as it did for the other conditioning variables.

df=data.frame(ts=c(1:100), x=runif(100), y=3, g=c("A","B"))

# This is the clunky approach I want to avoid
tp <- xyplot(x~ts, df, groups=g) # imagine 10 lines of detailed parameters
tp <- xyplot(y~ts, df, groups=g)

# This is my attempt at writing a function to simplify the code (it does not work)
xyFun <- function(varName, tsName, DF=df, groupName){
  form <- formula(paste(tsName,varName,sep="~"))
  xyplot(form, DF, groups=formula(groupName))

xyFun("x","ts",df,"g") # this does not work
# Error in formula.default(DF[, groupName]) : invalid formula 

Any ideas? Thanks!

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you can simply try to use the "..." argument in this way

xyFun <- function(varName, tsName, DF=df, ... ){
  form <- formula(paste(tsName,varName,sep="~"))
  xyplot(form, DF,...)


and then launch the function

xyFun("x", "ts", groups= g)
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