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Can Chromecast be used to display a web site or web app? All the sample sender/receivers I've seen so far show how to play videos. The docs posted so far are minimal as best, just an API reference with little explanation what any of it does. I just want to send a URL of my choosing and have that page displayed on the TV. There's no user interaction required past that point. Assuming that's possible, does anyone have sample Chrome sender and receiver code for that?

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I was able to modify the CastHelloText-chrome example at to show a web page. In the receiver.html file, I replaced the DIV with an IFRAME and styled it for 100% width and height. Then in the displayText() function I changed "innerHTML" to "src". The only modification made to the sender (chromehellotext.html) was to replace YOUR_APPLICATION_ID with the app id created by registering the receiver. Note that some sites like Google and Yahoo will not display inside an iframe. If you really needed to do that you could skip the iframe and just set window.location.href to the URL. That of course will overwrite your receiver code so the only way to change URLs would be to manually disconnect first and reload. I tried using instead but that did not work. Anyway, the iframe technique that Les mentioned above works for my purposes.

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One could imagine writing a Custom Receiver that has an iframe that wraps any website. Your sender would could then send webpages to your receiver, and the onLoad would set the the URL of the iframe. Don't have any code, but it's fairly simple to write.

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I'd really love to see an example of how this works... – Eli Ganem Feb 22 '14 at 7:25
Unfortunately I think it's against the ToS :( – pushmatrix May 12 '14 at 20:43
@pushmatrix Do you know where in the ToS it says that this would be a violation? – silvamerica May 29 '14 at 12:11
Chromecast ToS – Les Vogel - Google DevRel May 29 '14 at 19:44

To provide extra info from the current answer, as this post comes up near top on most searches.

Thing to search for is Digital Signage, this is the sort of industry word.

following GreenScreen Chromecast works okay. Greenscreen

host solution is Sign Simple - which looks to be same approach as Greenscreen without you needing to host the receiver web page.

Similar hosted solutions using Raspberry Pi can be found.

Of note: with GreenScreen and the CastHelloText, I could not get 1080p only 720p, some comments mention Video only in 1080p, but Images in 720p, which I take to mean html pages aswell.

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There is a simple way to do that with the hellotext sample ( You can send the html by typing that into the text field. <iframe src="" style="width:1280px;height:720px"></iframe>

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