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I have a system of cities and events that happen in those cities. When a user creates an event, it is associated with a city, and therefore a time zone. I'm confused about Ruby's various implementations (Date, Time, DateTime) and how to handle the saving and displaying of event times relative to a city's time zone.

I have a datetime column in my database. My HTML form has a field for city (and therefore that city's time zone) and I use datetime_select() to give the user fields to enter the event's date and time. The idea is that if the user has selected "Seattle", and then a time of 7pm on April 1, the user should not have to worry about time zones at all, and the assumption is that they are setting it for 7pm Seattle time. I want to either save this datetime as UTC (after making the adjustment from Seattle time to UTC) or apply the Seattle time zone to it without altering the specified hour. Since I am using mass assignment when I save my form data to the database, I'm guessing I need to alter the data (adjusting for time zone) before saving, otherwise, it will assume that this 7pm time is already UTC, which of course it isn't.

When I display this information from the database, it will be in the context of a time zone, so when displaying this event, the system knows it is in Seattle and will therefore show 7pm (as the original user who created the event intended).

How should I handle this? What implementation should I use (Date, Time, DateTime), and what conversions should be done on saving and loading the data from the database so users always see local times?

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Perhaps this helps you: stevenyue.com/2013/03/23/date-time-datetime-in-ruby-and-rails It helped me, when I had problems but since I don't remember my solution, I hope this page does what it did for me. –  Raul Pinto Feb 21 '14 at 21:37
Thank you! This is helpful. –  DivideByHero Feb 21 '14 at 22:26

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