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So, my goal is to get the full command line of all the currently running processes. Towards that what I do is take a snapshot of processes using the CreateToolhelp32Snapshot API and then do a process walk to store the PROCESSENTRY32 type processes in an array called process_list:

BOOL GetProcessList( FILE *f, PROCESSENTRY32* process_list, int process_count)
  HANDLE hProcessSnap;
  HANDLE hProcess;
  DWORD dwPriorityClass;

  hProcessSnap = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot( TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0 );
  if( hProcessSnap == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE )
    return( FALSE );

  // Set the size of the structure before using it.
  pe32.dwSize = sizeof( PROCESSENTRY32 );

  // Retrieve information about the first process,
  // and exit if unsuccessful
  if( !Process32First( hProcessSnap, &pe32 ) )

    CloseHandle( hProcessSnap );          // clean the snapshot object
    return( FALSE );
  // Now walk the snapshot of processes, and
  // display information about each process in turn
  int i = 0;
    // Retrieve the priority class.
    dwPriorityClass = 0;
    hProcess = OpenProcess( PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION|PROCESS_VM_READ, FALSE, pe32.th32ProcessID );

    if( hProcess == NULL ) { }

      dwPriorityClass = GetPriorityClass( hProcess );
      if( !dwPriorityClass )
      CloseHandle( hProcess );

    process_list[i] = pe32;

  } while( Process32Next( hProcessSnap, &pe32 ) && i <= process_count);

  CloseHandle( hProcessSnap );
  return( TRUE );

Now, is it possible to traverse this array of processes and gather the full command line of each of the processes? How can I do that?

If it is important, I will be compiling the code as a 64bit process and would need the full command line for all the processes running on the host machine.

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Using WMI to query Win32_Process for the CommandLine property is best. No great joy to do that from C. –  Hans Passant Feb 22 at 3:17

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For each Process ID:

  1. use OpenProcess() to get a HANDLE to the process.

  2. then use QueryFullProcessImageName(), GetProcessImageFileName(), or GetModuleFileNameEx to get the path and filename of the process.

  3. then use NtQueryInformationProcess() to retrieve the address of the process's PEB structure, which contains a ProcessParameters member containing the command-line arguments for the process (you can also get the image path from the PEB as well). Use ReadProcessMemory() to read the contents of the PEB.

Have a look at the following article for more details:

Get Process Info with NtQueryInformationProcess

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