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I am using Blather to make a chatbot.

I am taking this example from the documentation:

message :chat?, :body => 'hello' do |m|
  say m.from, 'world'

but I would like it to account for ANY 'case' of hello, i.e. hEllo, HELLO, Hello, and respond with world.

How would I go about doing that?

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You should be able to use a regular expression. In this case, just make a simple case-insensitive match:

message :chat?, :body => /hello/i do |m|
  # ... etc
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Thank you! This worked. So simple.. hahahaha –  someone somewhere Feb 21 at 22:19

If you'll read the "guards" documentation you'll see:

# Hash with regular expression (:body => /exit/)
#   Calls the key on the stanza and checks for a match
#   Equivalent to stanza.body.match /exit/
message :body => /exit/
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Thank you. I'll take a look at regEx some more. –  someone somewhere Feb 21 at 22:20
Regex are powerful, and also a great way to introduce errors into your logic so go there carefully. /hello/ will match "hello" just as well as it will match "Phellogen", so learn about word boundaries at a minimum. –  the Tin Man Feb 22 at 4:21

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