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I have a server (running on Amazon) and a single client that connects to it. After a connect has been established the client and server exclusively communicate with each other and send messages.


1. Client -> Server
2. Client -> Server
3. Client <- Server
4. Client -> Server
5. Client <- Server
6. Client <- Server

The client might lost connectivity and re-connect after some time and resume message sending. Also what are the implications of the order of messages? Could #2 arrive before #1?

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Push/pull is best in this situation. It will allow async messaging, but will store messages if a endpoint drops away for a time.

For ordering, ZeroMQ is a abstraction of a FIFO queue and is built over TCP. This will ensure that all messages are passed up to the application in the order that they're received.

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Isn't push pull on directional? How would I send messages the other way? –  nickponline Feb 25 at 19:52

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