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I wanna show a result of current vs time data as a graphical representation of it.It consist of a two dimentional matrix data. I am talking about a classic line graph that shows the change of current with respect to time.

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Where are you stuck at? Can you create a window? Are you looking for the names of the components that you can use to plot your data? –  mariosangiorgio Feb 21 at 22:40
I couldn't understand what you want to visualize. –  Yair Nevet Feb 21 at 22:42
Depending on what you're looking for, doing a web search for c# line graph yields some promising results including code examples. –  Bob Kaufman Feb 21 at 22:44

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I think I am looking for ways to do a similar thing: I want to have graphs that can be dynamically updated while using C#. I found OxyPlot promising. See http://oxyplot.codeplex.com/.

This is a very good explanation on creating graphs in WPF using OxyPlot which I am sure you can use for your own needs.

If you happen to find a better solution let me know ;-).

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ZedGraph is also very good. You should try. Easy and efficient. –  Zgrkpnr Mar 9 at 14:42
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Hey everyone ZedGraph happens to be the best solution for me. I've tried it.

  • You can plot dynamic data
  • It is very easy -to- use c# Library
  • It automaticly adds a graph tool to toolbox.

So there you go. I hope everyone who needs this can get the result.

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