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I want to remotely execute tracert in a Windows machine with PHP exec(). I have:

    echo exec("C:\\Windows\\System32\\TRACERT.exe");
    echo "<br/>Success!";

This does not give me errors and it prints "Success!." But how do I pass an argument (such as an IP address to tracert.exe and print the result in a variable or array? I do not know the syntax to pass an argument that looks like: tracert , etc.

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I prefer passthru() as the traceroute output can be watched in browser on the fly, not having to wait until completed.

echo "<h1>Traceroute $IP</h1><pre>";
passthru("tracert.exe -h 8 $IP");
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Thank you that did it! –  unitedRevengeInc Feb 22 at 23:27

By default exec will return only the last line of the executed command.

You should use shell_exec as follows:

    $result = shell_exec("C:\\Windows\\System32\\TRACERT.exe www.google.com");
    print $result;
    echo "<br/>Success!";
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so, to assign it to a variable, could do $output = shell_exec() –  SyntaxLAMP Feb 21 at 23:14
I updated the answer, thanks for pointing it out. –  Razvan Feb 21 at 23:15
I am getting a timeout error "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" I did not get before. I got "-6 Force using IPv6." before which clearly is part of tracert.exe executing and waiting for an argument. –  unitedRevengeInc Feb 21 at 23:22
It seems that the tracert command is taking more than 30 seconds. So you could either increase the time limit in PHP (with set_time_limit(300)) or use the -h parameter in tracert to limit the number of hops (tracert -h www.google.com). –  Razvan Feb 21 at 23:36

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