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Each time I typed: gem install rails it asked me for a dll. SO I downloaded the following:

datasvcs.dll, icudt24l.dll, icuin24.dll, icuio24.dll, icuuc24.dll,
    libeay32.dll, libmex.dll, libmwservices.dll, libmx.dll, libut.dll,
    libz.dll, mpath.dll, msvcrt-ruby191.dll, mvalue.dll, m_dispatcher.dll,
    nscrt.dll, readline.dll, ssleay32.dll, xerces-c_2_1_0.dll, zlib.dll.

In the end it said: can't find this location rl_attempted_completion_over (readline.dll)

(I already have readline.dll!)

I'm using Windows XP

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What version of Ruby are you using (1.8.6 from Installer, 1.9)? Is it 64 bit Windows XP? –  Alex Kovshovik Feb 3 '10 at 23:47

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I encountered the exact same "rl_attempted_completion_over" problem after installing Ruby 1.9.1p376 on a Windows 7 machine that was running Ruby 1.8.6 just fine. I manually downloaded all of the dlls from econsultant.com/dll-database/ Unfortunately, the readline.dll they have is not correct. Their dll was 5,632 bytes. The dll Ruby requires is 136,192 bytes in size. I found the correct dll at http://jarp.does.notwork.org/win32/readline-4.3-2-mswin32.zip. Copy this dll to a path in your environment. I placed my dlls in the Ruby's bin directory. After having done these steps and running a few tests with Sinatra and Rails, this appears to have resolved the problem.

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