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I have an app on heroku with a custom domain. has a cname record for has a 301 redirect to I am on the Heroku Ceder stack. I enabled gzip compression using heroku_rails_deflate gem. The server does not respond with a gzip asset for requests using

*EDIT*** when I originally posted my 301 redirect was not working properly. Now when I curl I get a 301 response.

curl -I -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' 


curl -I -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip'

both result in:

Age: 1390
Cache-Control: public, max-age=2592000, no-transform
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-length: 19377


curl -I -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip'

results in:

Age: 7378
Cache-Control: public, max-age=2592000
Content-length: 119016

furthermore, rack cache seems to be maintaining a separate cache for each url. Logs show:

cache: [HEAD /assets/application-7cbaf74d14cc5a5ab54262a43e4xxxxx.css] miss, store

for an apex domain request after it had already served a fresh request for the same asset using

EDIT: here is my

require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment',  __FILE__)
run Rails.application

!**Another Addition***! nslookup using opendns nameservers shows that the two different urls use two different ip addresses even though one is a cname for the other (I'm no dns expert) !*!

Is there a way to get heroku to treat the different urls the same? If not, is it possible to get gzip working for all of them? Thanks in advance for any tips or solutions.

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What's your look like? – CDub Feb 22 '14 at 5:40
@CDub is default, I added it above – laertiades Feb 22 '14 at 12:20

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You'll want to add use Rack::Deflater to your in order to get Heroku to serve compressed assets.

Your would look something like this:

require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment',  __FILE__)
use Rack::Deflater
run Rails.application

There is a good discussion on either using Rack::Deflater or some alternatives in order to serve compressed assets on Heroku, but it seems people keep coming back to Rack::Deflater.

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