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I am trying to populate a listview or a listbox from database using C#. I am using datatable to grab data. I am using this code below. But listview or the listbox is populating something like "System.Data.DataRow" text. Where I have something else in my database. Pls Help

*query = "select itemtag from tbl_inventory order by itemtag";

        DataTable dt = con.DataTable(query);
        int count = dt.Rows.Count;
        if (count >0)

            for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
        }*![As you see I am getting output like "System.Data.DataRow", where I have something else in my database][1]

Any help?

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3 Answers

Unless your DataTable is 1-dimensional (in which case, why are you using a DataTable), then your code should be:

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It helped me. Thanks –  Bappy Feb 22 at 4:22
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But, this will inserts only first column data into listview. if you want to add subitem also then use it.

 ListItem li = listBox1.Items.Add(dt.Rows[i][0].ToString());
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Thanks a lot Nimesh –  Bappy Feb 22 at 4:23
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If your using a listbox then directly use the DATASOURCE property...

  1. Link1
  2. Link2
  3. Link3
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