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I have an Access database for my small education company. We currently have five locations. Each location has a frontend interface and the backend is on the server at our main school. The VPN connection (LogMeIn's Hamachi) is extremely slow, however, and I'm afraid will reach its limits with the addition of our sixth school this April.

I have looked at several online database solutions, but we have some scheduling report views that are very important for us and I haven't found a service yet that is able to replicate them. (All the calendar views I have seen so far only give a list of items for each day, not a Google-Calendar-style schedule view, with each item visually shows as a space of time, which Access is able to do. Microsoft's Office 365 Access online tools do not allow for such a report form either.) This has led me to believe that remaining with the Access frontend and finding a host for the backend is the best option.

Are there any services that could host a relatively small Access back end for a reasonable price? Rackspace wants about $350/month, which is more than I would like to spend.

Thank you!

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What did you end up going with? We have a back-end in access, as well as front-end as well. Looking whether office 365 is suitable. –  user1929393 Jun 7 at 5:50

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