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I'm looking to get a simple listing of all the objects in a public S3 bucket.

I'm aware how to get a listing with curl for upto 1000 results, though I do not understand how to paginate the results, in order to get a full listing. I think marker is a clue.

I do not want to use a SDK / library or authenticate. I'm looking for a couple of lines of shell to do this.

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# setting max-keys higher than 1000 is not effective


while :; do
    curl -s $s3get > "listing$i.xml"
    nextkey=$(xml sel -T -N "w=$s3ns" -t \
        --if '/w:ListBucketResult/w:IsTruncated="true"' \
        -v 'str:encode-uri(/w:ListBucketResult/w:Contents[last()]/w:Key, true())' \
        -b -n "listing$i.xml")
    # -b -n adds a newline to the result unconditionally, 
    # this avoids the "no XPaths matched" message; $() drops newlines.

    if [ -n "$nextkey" ] ; then
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I get an error: error in arguments: no -t or --template options found. Please use http://mr2011.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com which has >1000 object to test upon. –  hendry Feb 23 at 3:33
Oh, I didn't clue in that the linked page was yours. It also turns out you can set max-keys to a lower number for testing (higher than 1000 doesn't work though). –  npostavs Feb 23 at 15:40
I get None of the XPaths matched; to match a node in the default namespace use '_' as the prefix (see section 5.1 in the manual). For instance, use /_:node instead of /node –  hendry Feb 24 at 0:47
Ok, I've writtem my own solution that looks like: ix.io/aGY Needs re-factoring for multiple buckets by doing a IsTruncated test properly. –  hendry Feb 24 at 1:53
Ah, I was using a version without that message. Added a little hack to avoid it. –  npostavs Feb 24 at 15:31
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