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what I already know :

  • i need to have two tables in my DB tags(id,name,description) and tags-for-post(tagId,postId)
  • when a particular post will be opened a sql query will be fired to find tags related to that post from tags-for-post table and will be displayed
  • and whenever a user search posts using tags then all posts postId those have that particular tagId will be displayed

What i want to know :

[ before i say What i want to know , i want to say you that i have very very little knowledge in jsp(almost nothing) but i know php well and i also know that what i am going to ask may be impossible without jsp(lot client side work needed) ]

  • how can i add the tagging facility while asking question ? by inspect elements i have seen that websites like SO have a <input type="text" /> and where we are adding multiple tags. how can i create this facility? adding mutiple tags in a text box and submitting them as individual

  • and also want to know *how to create that tag suggestion while adding tags?*and on which basis the give those suggestions?

what kind of help i need from you :

  • i know what i have asked is a very broad region, the answer maybe impossible for a Q&A site because it will very broad and lots of code will be required

  • before i ask for help i should say you that i have done a lot o google but couldnt find any proper article or blog post

  • so am saying that if you are not giving code thats ok if you can provide me some link for articles or blog posts or others which will answer my query and it will be equaly helpful

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