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In my web application, there is already a lucene-core jar of version 3.6.2, now to add different functionality within the same project I need latest version of lucene-core jar i.e 4.4.0.

When I replace the latest jar with previous one it throws compilation errors as backward compatibility is not maintained by Lucene.

My newly added functionality doen't work on 3.6.2 version. I know it is not possible to keep both jars version in lib. Please suggest a solution.

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Oh, yes the Jar hell!

If possible move your Lucene functionalities to a separate layer such as a webservice and access this service from your web application as a webservice client. Of course, this means some sort of overhead (network etc.).

Another possibility would be to use a OSGI solution such as JBoss Fuse that allows to serve web applications. Move your Lucene functionalities to separate modules (each one using a different Lucene version) and import the services to your web application. The advantage is that with this solution you may access the services directly without network overhead.

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I also thought of web service solution but OSGI solution looks good.I am not aware of the same. I will try for that. thanks –  user3340357 Feb 22 '14 at 14:14
Did you solve your problem? If yes, I wonder how you did it. –  Peter Mar 6 '14 at 18:48

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