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I am testing three different browsers, chrome, firefox and safari.

if (window.File && window.FileReader && window.FileList && window.Blob)
       //check whether browser fully supports all File API 

It returns true for chrome and firefox.. but it does not return true for safari.

Does safari support File API?

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think similar thread? stackoverflow.com/questions/7734150/… –  gan gary Jun 10 at 8:13

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According to caniuse.com, yes it supports, but be careful about previous versions.

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im using version 5.7, –  Juni Brosas Feb 22 at 10:43
Before version 6.0, it is partially supported, so some of its stuffs won't work. Check with different combinations in your if and see which one you can use. –  alalp Feb 22 at 10:51

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